CleoDover & Folkestone Kennels
Crete Road West, Folkestone, Kent CT18 7AB
Telephone / Fax: 01303 892250 - Email:
Dover & Folkestone Kennels is a caring family run business where the health and well being of animals is second to none. The highest standards of accommodation combined with a "warm family atmosphere" provides a home away from home for your cherished pet
Individual Attention. We do all we can to ensure your pets have all they need to enjoy their stay. From special needs, exercise or just some human company, rest assured it is all provided as standard.
Cats, Dogs and Mammals. All breeds of both cats and dogs are welcome and wherever possible we will house them next to animals of complimentary disposition. We can also provide whelping accommodation.
A Breath of Fresh Air. Without doubt our loction is a major benefit. Just 8 miles from Dover Harbour, the kennels stand amongst 6.5 acres of beautiful Kent Countryside. Free from noise and pollution, with views over the Channel to France.

Individual Runs.

Every animal is housed in spacious accommodation with its own outside execise area.
Collections Collection service available for boarding pets. We also have a re-homing service for pets. Please contact us for more information.
Mammal Unit and Pet Bird Rescue Centre. We have an excellent mammal unit, care and attention is our top priority even with the smallest of creatures. Of course, we couldn't forget our feathered friends. We take great pride in our Pet Bird Rescue Centre.
Our Veterinary Surgeon.

We have a vetrinary surgeon on site during normal working hours. The surgeon can be contacted at any time we deem an animal to be 'off colour', so any problems are dealt with quickly. All residents are designated a kennel maid, so each animal receives as much personal attention as possible. Our veterinary surgeon can also examine pets on their return to you from what we hope has been an enjoyable and luxurious experience in Dover & Folkestone Kennels.

On Site Grooming Handsome Hounds - Grooming for Cats and Dogs
Collection service available for boarding pets
Inspected & Approved by Shepway Council.